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03:43pm 03/09/2010
mood: anxious
It has been 4 years since one of us last logged into livejournal. OMG Time has passed bye.
What did we do meanwhile. Well, let's put it like that:
- work
- work
- work
and not to forget growing our (mine) first grey hair. Great archievement isn't it?

Well let'try and get the team back together!

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Pimp my death   
09:37am 14/06/2006
  People, you absolutely have to sign up for my new challenge. Seriously. Do it, now!
You get to kill people, what's more to ask for? And no life sentence or any of that shit. You get off scot-free. Maybe even win an award! Yes, for killing!
Now, mush, go to neptune_death and SIGN UP!

Gratuitous pimping banner following:

TTC Banners!   
02:05pm 25/05/2006
  It's Awards Time!

I tried to be original and not use characters that you can find on every second banner ;P I know that I'm creatively challenged. I hope you like them anyways.

Pick up your banners at http://dasq-kaze.livejournal.com/3615.html

Time to VOTE!   
06:32pm 01/05/2006
  Finally, it's here, the Twisted Tales Challenge Voting Time has arrived ;)
Thanks to every author who contributed to this, you guys rock!

Now, please pimp this, so that we get a decent amount of voters.

The rules:
- please read all stories before voting
- you don't have to vote in every category (in case you can't decide), but at least in 3, and with different fics
- a fic can't be best in every category. It's just not possible
- I don't expressively forbid self-votes, in case you're convinced that yours is best, but the same rules as above apply to authors, who decide to vote for themselves

I'll keep this poll up for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer, if we don't get many votes. So, mush, press the voting button!

TTC vote

PS: If I made any mistakes in the poll (which is quite a possibility, since I was hung over and tired when setting it up) please tell me and I'll correct it.
VMfic: Harlequin (Veronica) PG13   
06:13pm 17/04/2006
  Some while ago, I posted a Veronica fic in my other journal.
If you're interested: http://dasq-kaze.livejournal.com/2472.html
Sorry for not linking sooner... I'm just so unmotivated these days...
Twisted Tales Challenge   
06:10pm 17/04/2006
  Just a short notice: The deadline's been pushed to April 30th. I'll set up the voting poll on May 1st, including every story thatis linked in the contributions thread by then.
I hope this will be enough tome to get some serious competition here ;)
Twisted Tales Challenge - deadline extended   
08:40am 20/03/2006
  The new deadline is April 1st. I hope this will be enough time ;)

Don't forget to link your contributions here.
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Twisted Tales Challenge - Mod post   
10:29am 16/03/2006
post by Kaze

Okay, boys and girls. There's only little time left until the due date. But since there are (just) three (very amazing!) contributions, I thought I'd step in again here :) So, if you have any problems with your assignment, if you can't participate anymore, if you need an extension, if you want a different assignment: This is the place to tell me (I'm generous like that ^_-). Also, anyone who hasn't signed up yet but is willing to step in for someone who has to drop out, leave me a note here. eMail is also an option. I finally have the time again to be a caring and dedicated host to this thingie *sniff*.
'rant' journal   
10:19am 06/03/2006
post by Kaze

So, I've recently used this journal a couple of times to rant about stuff and I know that this was not our intention when we made this journal ;P So, from now on, this will again be strictly for our DASQ-Team copros and I'll use my shiny new journal dasq_kaze for babbling and for my own, not co-authored by Mizu, fics.
Feel free to drop by :)
VM fic: Quit living on dreams (Duncan, NC17)   
08:48pm 05/03/2006
  Title: Quit Living On Dreams
Author: Kaze
Characters: Duncan, mentions of D/V, L/V
Word Count: 1,105 words
Spoilers: everything up until ‘Donut Run’
Warnings: NC-17. Sick and disturbing. Adult-themed. Don’t read if you’re easily offended.
Disclaimer: VM and its characters belong to Rob Thomas.

A/N: I’m sick. There’s no other explanation. This came to me Friday morning and demanded to be written although I have a ton of other fics (and, of course, other stuff) to do instead. I apologize in advance for this story.
As always, thanks to fickledame and blue_icy_rose for their beta.
I stole the title from Falco's 'Jeanny'. Whoever knows this song, knows what this story is about.

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09:16pm 28/02/2006
mood: pissed off
post by kaze

Are you familiar with Murphy's law? Everything that can go wrong does go wrong? Well, it certainly applies to my thesis. Period.
Not only did my topic change about five times in the early stages, no, now that I'm finished, everything seems to work against me. First, I had mucho problems with creating the screencam of my application as a documentation for the practical part of my thesis. I finally got everything to work last night, mere hours before I had to turn it all in. So, this morning, I went to the examination office to hand in the four shiny copies, freshly endowed with a screencam on CD. The guy from the office is on vacation, so a secretary accepted my thesis instead. But she couldn't find the registration for my thesis, so she searched through the examination office guy's desk and unearthed many time-relevant documents that this guy just never dealt with. So, she found my registration form, but just the first page. Stupid thing is that my signature is on the second page, so the whole thing is invalid.
The problem now is that my registration was never correctly processed, so my thesis' subject wasn't properly accepted by the powers that be in the examination office. Thanks to this dude, my whole fucking thesis might be invalid!
The secretary was nice enough to accept it anyways, under reservation until the whole registration and acceptance shit will work out. She said she'd take care of it, so that the new registration I handed in today will be properly processed.
I'm so royally pissed! If my thesis isn't accepted due to this dude, I'll so sue his ass! Seriously, I already have a job that I'll lose when I don't graduate in time. How can my college let a dumbass like that work their examination office? Gah!
In other news: Carnival sucks! I went to town today to get a new metro ticket (not being a student anymore and shit) and it was closed! For carnival! Does everybody but me spend their day partying? And I can't count the times that drunken, old, ugly man in silly costumes accosted me today. Why can't I ever meet a drunken, handsome, young guy, preferably looking like Jason Dohring, who has nothing better to do than tell me where he lives? ^^
I so should have stayed in bed today...
And I also missed Mizu's birthday! Sorry, hon! I was away on business and I could only call and I didn't even get her present fic done in time, and I don't think I'll get it done at all, because I'm to pissed to write a humurous story now :P

Okay, enough ranting...
Cross your fingers for me guys, about this subject acceptance thing!
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VM fic: Finger in my pie (NC-17)   
06:44pm 26/02/2006

Finger in my pie

Part 1/1

Title: Finger in my pie (Veronica, Lilly, Logan, Clarence Wiedman, Mac, NC-17)
Author: Kaze
Characters: Veronica, Lilly, Logan, Clarence Wiedman, Mac, a little of the Kane family
Word Count: 9,679 *phew*
Spoilers: season 1
Warnings: NC-17, AU, future-fic
Disclaimer: VM and its characters belong to Rob Thomas.

A/N: I told you I’m in my experimental phase ^_- This time: present tense (partly, at least). And: first time I participated in a challenge. Yay, me.
This is an answer to Lex’s ‘Ask Questions Later’ challenge. It was a struggle. I tried my best…
It was really important to me to make this scenario at least possible, if not probable, so many thanks to my super-boyfriend, who did a lot of research for me and worked with me on this until he, as an engineer, could approve it ;) I tried to leave out the techno babble, but if you’re interested in how exactly this thing works, tell me and I’ll explain (I can even draw a chart!)
Also, many, many thanks to my fabulous betas blue_icy_rose and fickledame who managed to not lose patience with me for making the stupidest mistakes over and over again ;P Seriously, Kaze, a thong is NOT the same as a throng *headdesk*
This is AU (well, it is a future fic with Lilly in it), you’ll get everything that’s different while reading
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Neptune Nights: The Twisted Tales Challenge Contributions Post   
10:53am 05/02/2006
  Neptune Nights: The Twisted Tales Challenge Contributions post

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, who ruled their clan with severity but fairness. The elder brother’s name was Liam while the younger was called Connor. One night, when Connor was supposed to visit his elder brother, he returned home to find his beautiful girlfriend in bed with another. He shot them both and asked his brother for help to dispose of their bodies.

He moved to live with Liam after that, but his brother’s happiness with his fiancé nagged at him because it reminded him of his cheating dead girlfriend. Once though, when Liam was out on business and Connor was supposed to go with him, he stayed behind because he wasn’t feeling well. That’s when he found out that his beloved brother’s soon-to-be-wife was having an affair.

He informed Liam of her infidelity and the two made sure to catch her in the act. After another round of true Irish revenge, the brothers, believing all women to be whores, swore to never be tricked by female wiles ever again.


Veronica looked into Liam Fitzpatrick’s cold eyes and knew that she was done for. She cursed herself for not telling Logan that she was investigating Doctor Griffith because he certainly wouldn’t have let her go into the lair of the Irish mob on her own. But as it was, she was alone and Liam’s hand closed around her neck mercilessly. The tattoo machine drew in on her cheek and she could feel it’s vibrations stirring the soft down.

“So, I’m just gonna start over here, and as soon as I hear something resembling the truth, I’ll stop.”

Veronica knew she had to think, and fast. At least, she had to buy herself some time until her father would start to worry and track her cell phone. Since she couldn’t utter a word with Liam’s stranglehold, she motioned for him to let her go. He eased his hold on her, but kept it strong enough to keep her pinned to the pool table. The tattoo machine’s buzzing was loud in her ears as Veronica gulped in some air, then glanced up at Liam.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

And these are the stories Veronica told Liam to prolong her life as much as possible.


[This post is for the 'Twisted Tales Challenge' contributions only. Please don't leave feedback or any other comment that is not a contribution here. You can discuss the challenge and everything related here]
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Going, going, gone   
02:07pm 28/01/2006
mood: lethargic
Mizu and moi are leaving today for Tallinn, Estland (I know! As if it weren't cold enough already!) to give our dreadful speech about our dreadful paper. I guess I'll take a couple of VM eps along, so that we have something to do at the congress ;P
We'll be back Tuesday night, hopefully with some new fic to post ;)
So, if there are still some people who want to sign up for the AWESOME Twisted Tales challenge, please do so, but I will only be able to answer on Friday.
So, go, hobbitse, and pity me for my fate. Yeah, i'm whiny but hell, I've never been less motivated about a trip ;P
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The Ultimate Twisted Tales Challenge   
05:01pm 23/01/2006
Twisted Tales Challenge

Yup, me and bandwagons ^__-
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VM fic: Avenger (Keith, PG 13) 1/1   
10:29pm 19/01/2006
post by Kaze
minor edit since posting


Part 1/1

Title: Avenger (Keith, PG 13)
Author: Kaze
Characters: Keith, mentions of Veronica, Lianne, Kane family
Word Count: 1,430
Spoilers: everything up until 2x08
Disclaimer: VM and its characters belong to Rob Thomas.

A/N: little_linds suggested that I do character studies on each VM character, especially Keith, in the comment thread to ‘Captain Planet hung the moon’. And while I was really uninspired at first, I was kinda compelled by the idea, so here it is. I’ll call this ‘series of one-shots’ the ‘Superhero series’. You don’t have to read ‘Captain Planet hung the moon’ to get this one, though
MANY thanks to blue_icy_rose and fickledame for their beta on this! You guys are awesome!

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Fanart: Equilateral by Queen Haq   
10:16pm 07/01/2006
post by Kaze

Okay, I'm officially crazy...
The work is piling up on my desk and I spent two days straight on drawing this crap ^^'
And I don't even like how it turned out. Bleh!
But I'm too washed out to work on it some more, this is why this has this half-assed background and the clothes aren't done...

Buuhuuut, the problem is, I wanted to finally finish this, because after </a></b></a>queen_haq left me a really cool comment to my last VM drawing and bugged me about another one when I uploaded my last fic, I just had to hurry up with this.

Seriously, I'm done with drawing for this month, I won't touch a pencil until February (huh, as if...).

So, this is for you, </a></b></a>queen_haq, a fanart for your absolutely fabulous fanfic Equilateral.

Another proof that I suck at drawing men >_< the only one I'm remotely happy with is Veronica (of all people), mainly because she's the only one who's recognizable without a name sign on her forehead... I hope quantity makes up for lack of quality (hey, 5 portraits in one pic. Yeehaw).

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03:43pm 05/01/2006
post by Kaze

I know, I know, no creativity in this one, couldn't resist. Saw this on Michi's LJ, and it's REALLY scary:


Your Birthdate: July 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January


Your Birthdate: February 22

You tend to be understated and under appreciated.
You have a hidden force to do amazing things, doing them your own way.
People may see you as strange and shy, but they know little.
Your unconventional ways have more power than they (and even you) know.

Your strength: Standing up for what you know is true

Your weakness: You tend to be picky and rigid

Your power color: Silver

Your power symbol: Square

Your power month: April

Whoa! Uhm, hey, it's January, this is supposed to be my power month! Why isn't my thesis finished? Huh?

Stupid thing!

Back to work it is!
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VM fic: Captain Planet hung the moon (Duncan, PG 13) one shot   
07:13pm 04/01/2006
post by Kaze

Captain Planet hung the moon (I know I'm sick)

Part 1/1

Title: Captain Planet hung the moon (Duncan, PG 13)
Author: Kaze
Characters: Duncan, mentions of the Kane family, Logan, Veronica, Meg
Word Count: 1,325
Spoilers: everything up until 2x10
Disclaimer: VM and its characters belong to Rob Thomas.

A/N: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. First, I draw Duncan, now, I write Duncan. I blame it on Skizzy. Got some Penicillin, anyone?
Also, this fandom makes me experimental. I’ve never used as many writing styles as here…
Btw, sorry about not continuing the WIPs, I didn't mean to write this, as I still have to finish my stupid thesis, but hey, at least this one didn't take that long....

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A/N2: If anyone would want to beta our stories, please drop us a comment here, I'd really appreciate it ^^
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02:27pm 04/01/2006
post by Kaze

Just dropping a note to pimp the challenges I signed up for. Yeah, d'uh, I know, couldn't resist ^_-
These are actually the first challenges I participate in, I'm usually not so much into writing on request, and if there ever was a cool challenge, I usually noticed way too late (meaning, around polling time). So, here they are:


Apocalyptothon: Signups due January 15

Come on, how could I not write about the end of the world? also, a challenge that has VM AND X-Men in the fandom choice? Yeeehaw!

Ask Questions Later:

VM? And Action Hero scenario? Hell, yeah! Sydney Bristow, beware! Well, okay, she could only waddle after V now. being preggers and everything *bleh*

Off to work!! :(
Can't wait for my assignments!

PS: I'd so love to do some new icons! But I can't just steal away our remaining two slots without allowing Mizu to take them *sniff*
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