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Still using every muscle besides the one that matters

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DASQ are two girls, namely Mizu and Kaze, who met at university in fall 2002 and have decided to put their *cough* artistic *cough* talents together to form 'DASQ'.
Actually, we're working on an original story (we plot really well together) with the writing of Kaze and the art of Mizu, but we tend to get a little side-tracked by real-life (or Veronica Mars... ^^).

We openend this account to post our Co-Pros until we finally manage to set up the site we've planned for ages ;)

By the way: You don't have to ask if you want to add us to your friends list, just add right away ;)

And this is the Southpark Version of what we kinda look like. Mizu complained last time that I made her look too nice, so now she ... doesn't ;) And she's got one of her Katana (that she still claims is for decoration uses only).